Colifast Field Kit



Colifast Field Kit is a portable tool for field detection of coliform bacteria in water. The main method of the kit is a rapid method that provides an answer as early as 15 minutes, 2 hours at the latest. In addition, the kit includes methods for a quantitative MPN (Most Probable Number) method and presence/absence results. The procedure is very easy to perform, and requires no laboratory skills. TechnologyColifast Field Kit is delivered in a robust and portable metal case, and all equipment required for the water analysis is included. The Colifast Micro Detector (CMD) is used in combination with a growth medium for specific detection of target bacteria. Combined, they provide a simple instrumental analysis and rapid results that quantify the amount of coliform and thermotolerant bacteria in water. The method is based upon the patented technology of Colifast AS. The system detects down to as little as 1 target bacterium per sample volume.

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The Colifast technology is based on a chemical reaction between a substrate in the growth medium and enzymes produced by the coliform bacteria. The bacterial enzyme β-D-galactosidase hydrolyses the substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-β-D-galactoside, which results in the release of the fluorescent product 4-methylumbelliferone (MU). In addition to substrate, activators and growth factors, the medium comprise inhibitors that prevents the growth of non-coliform bacteria. The results are measured in fluorescent units. An increase in the number of bacteria corresponds to an increased amount of β-D-galactosidase (enzyme). The subsequent increase in the amount of MU (fluorescent product) results in a higher value on the instrument (Colifast Micro Detector). The incubation temperature selects thermotolerant coliforms at 44°C and total coliforms at 37°C.

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– Colifast Micro Detector with storage pouch
– 1 incubator with thermometer. 220V, 44 oC
– Car converter 12V – 220V
– 1 cable for battery poles
– 18 Prefilled vials with Colifast 6 medium
– 2 dropper bottles with 0,5 M NaOH solution (developer)
– 1 vial with ”blank” (calibration)
– 1 vial with ”cal 48” (calibration)
– 1 dropper bottle with 10% Na-thiosulfate solution (chloride neutralization)
– 100 cuvettes (disposable)
– 100 cuvette caps (disposable)
– 1 cuvette rack
– 20 large pastettes for sub-sampling (3 ml graded, one for each test)
– 3 sterile 10 ml syringes for addition of water sample (can be reused after wash)
– 5 Virkon tablets. For disinfection
– 2 sterile filters. For control samples, fits on syringe
– 1 quick guide
– 10 result sheets
– Manual