Portable Mini Incubator


Easy to Carry, Reliable, Simple

Portable Mini Incubator is used for incubating of transporting medical samples, maintaining microbiological test, water treatment test, hygiene monitoring, industrial process testing, etc.

Specifications :

  • The incubator are completed with thermometer in special tube up to 60 oC
  • Case is not easily flammable
  • Door are transparent and easy to clean
  • Using Multi-rack with base cover ABS
  • Used for tubes, petri dish, media bottle, dll
Technical Data
Temperature Range ±25 o C hingga ± 45 o C
Temperatur Stability ± 1 o C
Voltage 12 V/ 11o V/ 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Output 26 W / 0.2 A
Weight 1.1 Kg
Dimensions ( WxHxD )
–          External 310x155x168 mm
–          Internal 220x120x150 mm